"I've worked with Eshe on a number of projects, what impresses is their fearless determination not only to get the right results, but to work with integrity, and to get the right results the right way"

- Ned


what I offer.

I offer consultation, advisor, workshops and talks and co-organiser packages to individuals, groups and organisations.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Event planning and organisation.
  • Cultural competency and safeguarding.
  • Intersectionality, diversity, inclusivity and awareness.
  • Activism, direct activism, safety and security.
  • Fundraising, crowdfunding and fundraising marketing.
  • Social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Facilitation, conflict resolution, accountability processes and transformative justice.
  • Setting up organisations, cooperatives, not-for-profits and community groups.
  • Holding councils, the state and businesses accountable.
  • Policy advising.
  • Asylum seeker, refugee and migrant support.
  • Sex worker outreach and support.
  • Homeless outreach and support.
  • Food poverty alleviation projects, food banks, referral schemes.
  • Harm reduction and drug awareness.
  • LGBTQIA+ rights and project support.
  • Sex education.
  • Disability justice and project support.
  • Signposting and accessing state and charity services.
  • Black liberation, prison abolition and dismantling white supremacy.

"We have had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with Eshe on several projects; I am continually impressed by their passion-driven work ethic and their pure wealth of knowledge that spans several fields of expertise. Their incalculably valuable insight formed by their extensive experience has been vital to the success of those projects, and their contribution has been instrumental in the foundations of our organisation."

- Thema Akosua (Cofounder of We Will Be Proud)


    who I will work with.

    I will only work with individuals, groups and organisations that I feel will benefit and learn from my involvement or that already align with my politics. I will not put time, energy, labour and care into projects that harm my communities, are hiring me for tokenism or are not active in supporting Black people and other marginalised people.

    I love to work with small, grassroots organisations and groups that are dedicated to community support.

    I can work with individuals and groups across the country via zoom, skype, telegram, signal or email and I can work with groups local to Nottingham or East Midlands in person.

    why me?

    I have a wealth of experience in organising and running projects and campaigns. I have a love for community work, activism and challenging the status quo. I champion inclusivity and awareness in all that I do and am not afraid to be loud and honest with my opinions. 

    I can help you hold your organisations accountable or to check that the work you are doing is culturally safe and inclusive. I can help you run events, workshops and projects. 

    If you are an individual, I can help with campaigns, signposting, fundraising and more.

    I always put the most energy, love and care into everything that I do and I'd love to work with you!

    "working on events with Eshe was a wonderful experience. They were super organised, reliable, and creative. It’s exciting to collaborate with someone who works on so many projects in different fields.

    - Wingshan Smith (Youth programmer at Nottingham Contemporary)



    To book me, please go to the contact section of the website and send me a message with your name and a contact phone number (use an alias for safety if needed) and some information about what you are looking for me to support with and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    I charge a sliding scale from free for marginalised individuals in need up to a full rate for bookings that is dependent on whether you are an individual, group or organisation and the type of work you are requiring from me. A quote will be provided via email.

    No marginalised person who is in need of emergency support will ever be turned away. If I can't personally support you then I will signpost you to someone who hopefully can.