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'Critical Veganism, what have we learnt?'

When a white man coined the term veganism, are we included? Veganism is built on the backs of Black, Indigenous and Non-Western ancestral traditions. 

- Vegan Melanated


'How to channel the anger of 2020 into sustainable activism in 2021'

The Akan concept of Sankofa, “to go back and get it” and keep learning from the past, has been the 2020 theme. This year we’ve witnessed an explosion of energy – reigniting mass protest movements that have brought the past and the present together.

- Gal-Dem

‘We’ve been organising like this since day’ – why we must remember the Black roots of mutual aid groups

As the black founder of a radical mutual aid group launched in 2018, I am frustrated to see new, white, middle-class mutual aid groups launched during the pandemic bulldozing pre-existing networks.

- Gal-Dem

art review

- Review from Institute Of Contemporary Arts (London)


talks and panels:


  • "Inside//Outside Solidarity" Abolition Feminism Conference by Read And Resist and Newcastle University 

  • "Beyond Us And Them: Insights From Solidarity Movements" Bond

  • "The Return To Grassroots - Community Centric Fundraising As An Antidote" #BAMEOnline 

  • "#COPOut Film Panel" Nottingham Contemporary


  • "Disability, Sex and Relationships" King's College Students Union

  • "The Issue of Race Within the Charity Sector" Enthuse

  • "When We Build Our Own Tables" Bubble Boss host for #BAMEOnline panels 
    'There is Something Seriously Wrong With The Charity Industrial Complex' and 'So We Did Our Own Thing' 

  • "Manifesting Utopia - Guide and Podcast" CogDis

  • "Beating Parole Boards with Mutual Aid" Imagining Abolition Conference USA

  • "Beyond Veganism - Open Roundtable" Black Vegan Fest UK 

  • "Food Justice and Community Care" Black Vegan Fest UK

  • "Mutual Aid - The Pandemic and Beyond" Notts IWW

  • "Veguary Q&A Instagram Live" Afro-Vegan Society

  • "Full Spectrum Community Care" We Speak Of Freedom Podcast

So We Did Our Own Thing Panel #BAMEOnline2021

- So We Did Our Own Thing Panel #BAMEOnline 2021 art by Esme Kemp






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