ironically voted as social justice warrior of the year by a well known right wing group - 2017


Hi, I'm Eshe Kiama Zuri an activist and community organiser in Nottingham. I'm 25 years old, disabled and non-gendered. I use they/them pronouns only. I'm a loud mouth, believer of fighting for what is right by any means and lover of vegan food. 

You can always find me posting a perfect balance of activist and educational content and selfies and memes on my social medias such as Facebook and Instagram.

I coined the term "full spectrum community care" as a way to describe the intended wholeness and inclusiveness of my work and my commitment to my communities.

"full spectrum community care embraces the wholeness and the messiness of community support, and places the focus on all, not individual or isolated needs. full spectrum community care means no one is left behind. full spectrum community care sees the necessity of staying skilled and prepared to provide support to all who need it and understand that this is an ongoing and ever evolving task. full spectrum community care is bringing people together to support those most marginalised, those seen as 'undesirable' by the state and to actively participate and work with our communities to ensure we are able to provide for ourselves the love, care, support, resources and skills we need to survive and thrive in the face of adversity and oppressions"

- Eshe Kiama Zuri (on full spectrum community care)


I am a doula trained with Abuela Doulas and can offer postnatal support with a focus on using this skill to support the Black birthing community as well as disabled, LGBTQIAP+, sex working, asylum seeker/ refugee/ migrant, working class and other marginalised birthing communities. My doula website Body Of Wata and birthing and abortion doula skills, will be coming soon.

I'm the ex- Vice Chair of The Vegan Society and a vegan of almost 15 years. My favourite food has to be cou-cou with plenty veg, my Bajan heritage wouldn't have it any other way! I teach kid's ceramics workshops (or I did before COVID-19!) and I love aerial hoop.

""Over the past few years I have attended several events Eshe has organised and we recently engaged in a live conversation around Race and the Criminal Justice System. I am consistently impressed by their indeterminable hunger for justice, broadness of their activist knowledge, and unstoppable ability to create engaging and accessible content” 

- RM


UK Mutual Aid is one of my biggest projects currently Set up in 2018, UK Mutual Aid is a network that facilitates financial support, resources and extended community to marginalised people across the UK. We have a BIPOC Hardship Fund as well as a Street Hardship Fund and have supported thousands of people through the group and beyond.

I created Notts Activist Wellness my community organisation in 2018, since then we have put on multiple fundraising nights such as Gig4Grenfell and also set up Notts Queer Pride. We run a food parcel referral scheme for people with no recourse to public funds and many more on the ground projects. You can find out more on the Notts Activist Wellness website.

I run Yemoja Foods, a vegan (ital) British-Caribbean catering business. Set up in Jan 2016, I have provided food for corporate events, parties, activist events and more. Find out more on the Yemoja Foods website, for prices, booking and additional information.

Vegans Of Colour UK is a project that myself and Jude Coupe set up back in 2016, since then it has grown from a Facebook group to include an Instagram and Facebook page with a directory platforming BIPOC vegan businesses and activists across the UK.